KTET got how get Ctet certificate

CTET & TET 2020 Validity Extension approved by the NCTE. CTET and TET Certificate will now be valid for lifetime from 7 years earlier. Candidates who will now pass Teacher Eligibility Test can apply for Teacher Recruitment throughout the life, till they fulfill eligibility criteria. Check official statement here.

KTET got how get Ctet certificate

CTET & TET Validity Extension: National Council for Teacher Education (NCTE) has granted its approval to the extension of validity of CTET and TET Certificate to lifetime. Earlier, the Certificate of TET or CTET exam was valid up to 7 years. the choice during this regard was taken during the 50th Meeting of the NCTE's General Body that was endured September 29, 2020. The Council discussed several issues during the meeting and one in every of the most topics of debate was the problem of extension of Validity of Teacher Eligibility Test to lifetime from seven years. the choice may be a relief for candidates who have already obtained the CTET Certificate or TET Certificate and will not apply for teacher recruitment thanks to expiry of its validity after 7 years.

As per the statement mentioned on the "Minutes of the 50th Meeting ... NCTE ..." that was released on 13 October, the supply of extension of validity of Teacher Eligibility Test will have prospective effect and therefore the NCTE would take proper legal document and can act accordingly just in case of candidates who have already passed the exam and obtained the TET Certificate. Have a glance at the statement mentioned on the written document below:

How will the extension of CTET or TET Validity be beneficial?

The extension of validity of CTET and TET Certificate to lifetime are highly beneficial for the unemployed youth of the country. The move is predicted to extend employment opportunities for candidates who aspire to fetch a teaching job in schools.

Has CBSE notified about the extension of CTET Validity?

As of now, there's no official update from the Central Board of education (CBSE) on the extension of CTET Certificate validity. the data shared above is just on the idea of minutes of the NCTE's 50th General Meeting. it's expected that the CBSE will release an update regarding the identical on its official website after the official directions of the NCTE.

Is the extension of TET Validity effective from now?

No, the extension of TET or CTET validity isn't effective from now. The respective states and also the boards will notify the implementation of such decision after the NCTE officially notifies the identical. As of now, the choice is merely mentioned within the document containing the minutes of 50th General Meeting of the NCTE.

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